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Alterations & Repairs

Our experienced tailor and seamstress will take care of almost all your alteration needs.  Just let us know if you would like your pants shortened, waist taken in, dress shortened, dress tapered, anything at all!  Our staff will professionally satisfy your tailoring needs.  Your garment will automatically be pressed and ready-to-wear.  If you would like a fitting, just call (973)546-1105 and schedule a time that is convenient for you.  Just remember to bring the proper shoes and/or undergarments when trying on your article and we'll do the rest!  If you are a VIP customer and would like to send in a garment, just print out a tailoring form, attach it to your article and we’ll do the rest.  See our common tailoring terms for most of your alteration needs.                


DeLuxe Dry Cleaners Clifton NJ - Alterations and Repairs



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