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Our Dry Cleaning  & Wet Cleaning Service

Santione Certified Master Drycleaner: As a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner, one of one thousand drycleaners nationwide, we are committed to rigid standards of excellence.  Our Sanitone soaps and detergents gently clean, revive color, and guarantee a soft, comfortable feel.  A variety of leading clothing designers including DKNY, Calvin Klein, Sean John, Donald Trump and many more, recommend our Sanitone method of cleaning.   

Clean Solutions: Our Sanitone cleaning process guarantees fresh and clear cleaning solution through continuous filtration and distillation in order to keep your clothes smelling and feeling like new.  When cleaning solutions are not filtrated and distilled, clothing may have an odor, colors may appear dingy, and clothing may feel stiff to the touch.

Wetcleaning Service:  Our wet cleaning service is a method of cleaning your garments using water. Many designers are now recommending a hand-washing or wet cleaning label on their garments.  Professional wet cleaning is very different from washing in many ways, starting with machinery.   Computer controlled washers have sensors to maintain precise water levels, exact temperatures and they are able to regulate detergents to the ounce.  These controls coupled with shampoo-like detergents and conditioners allow a dry cleaner to make custom programs for any type of fabric or garment making wet cleaning a superior alternative to washing.   In addition, these wet cleaning systems include a fully automatic residual moisture control dryers allowing a drying process to stop when the preset moisture level is reached.  This alternative prevents over drying, shrinkage, and eliminates wrinkles.

Professional Stain Removal:  Our staff of spotting technicians are graduates of the New York School of Dry-cleaning and specialize in stain removal on all types of specialty fabrics including silk, velvet, organza, crepe, cashmere, to name a few.  In addition, our staff includes a Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED), as well as a Certified Professional Drycleaner (CPD).

The Finishing Process:  Each of our qualified experienced hand finishers specialize in pressing one type of garment.  For 80 years we trained our finishers to become experts at one type of item to ensure that every detail of each garment is tended to.

Free Minor Repairs:  At no extra cost to you, our seamstress will automatically reinforce your buttons, hooks and eyes, add a button if one is missing, tack a fallen hem, stitch an open seam, and much more.

Buttons & Embellishments:  When marking in your garments, if we determine that the buttons on your jacket or blazer are fancy, or one of a kind, we will automatically remove them before the cleaning process and replace them after the finishing process to ensure the safety and beauty of your garment.

Our Exquisite Packaging:  Because we care about your clothing, all ladies slacks, shorts, & skirts are returned back to you on clip hangers to prevent damage to waistbands.  All ladies blouses and collars are stuffed with tissue paper to prevent wrinkles.  All jackets are returned with plastic (not cardboard) shoulder savers to maintain the shape of the shoulder.  In addition, plastic jacket retainers are used on suit jackets to help maintain the shape of the lapel, and a colorful hankie is placed in your pocket to finish your look.

Our Proud Staff Of Employees:  Our staff and family members are proud to serve you each and every day.  We honestly feel as though we help to dress you and make you look your very best each day.  Our thoughts go way beyond just being dry cleaners.  We are constantly being educated on new fibers, new styles, new machinery, new spotting techniques, etc. in order to help us to maintain your expensive wardrobe time and time again.  We thank all of our loyal customers for trusting us with their clothing care.   



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