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Fur  Storage, Cleaning & Glazing

Fur Storage:  Our state-of-the-art On-Premise Refrigerated Storage Vault guarantees the safety of your precious fur, suede, and leather garments.  Most storage vaults are air-conditioned, not refrigerated.   Refrigeration guarantees much colder temperatures (up to 20 degrees colder) and provides greater control of humidity levels unlike storage facilities with ordinary air conditioning.  Please visit our Fur Vault History for some interesting reading.

 DeLuxe Dry Cleaners Clifton Nj - Fur Storage, Cleaning and Glazing

Fur Cleaning & Glazing:  DeLuxe also provides fur cleaning and glazing for all your fur needs including fur coats, fur jackets, cloth coats with fur trim, fur hats, fur bags, etc.  Your fur garments should be cleaned annually if you wear the article often, and every other year if your fur is worn on occasion.   To maintain the life of your fur, it is vital that you keep the skins of your fur moist and free from dust particles, which will cause the skins to dry.  The fur cleaning process will remove dust particles and add natural oils to the skin of the fur.  Fur garments are then glazed or pressed on large rollers to give the fur shine and luster!   This simple cleaning and glazing process will allow the hair and skin on a fur to remain moist & healthy!


 Monograms:  Our furrier provides an array of monogram selections allowing you to choose your initials, full name, first name only, etc.  In addition, we leave it up to you to even select the thread color of your choice!   This is an inexpensive way to keep the identity of your fur garment safe when placing in a coatroom.

Repairs: Our furrier will replace or re-inforce hooks and eyes, stitch and repair open seams, repair button and belt loops, repair a lining, and much more.


Fur Bags:  Never keep your fur garment in any type of plastic or nylon bag.  Plastic does not allow the skin of the fur to breathe which is critical!  We do recommend that you keep your fur protected when not being worn to prevent dust particles from getting into the skin of the fur.  If you are unable to find a cotton cloth fur bag, we do offer the perfect cotton zipper bag in two sizes!  However, an old cotton sheet will work in a pinch!


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