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The History Of Our Fur Vault

During the 1940’s, Joseph DeLora Sr., founder of DeLuxe Cleaners, was very concerned about the atomic bomb.  He desperately wanted to protect his family, friends and employees from this dreadful threat. Many of us do not recall  DeLuxe Dry Cleaners Clifton NJ - Fur Vault, Fur Vaultthis time in history, but this was a major concern on everyone’s mind. Joseph knew he had to build a bomb shelter secure enough to withstand an atomic bomb and large enough to hold at least 50 people.


Continuous news coverage about the atomic bomb forced Joseph to hire an architect.    The architect drew up the plans and promised to build the safest bomb shelter conceivable.  Joseph insisted that the vault had sound ventilation and was built with the finest materials available.  The vault was built with 18” brick walls and 12” thick concrete on the ceiling & floor. The shelter was completed one year later and thankfully the shelter was never utilized.  


It wasn’t until the early 1950’s, that Joseph DeLora decided to transform this perfect structure with sound ventilation into a state-of-the-art refrigerated storage vault for his customers’ furs.  He designed the vault to control temperature, humidity and light.  He then added refrigeration so he could bring the vault’s temperature to a low 40 degrees.  The ventilation was already in place to provide a constant flow of air, which is necessary for fur skins to breathe.  Today,  DeLuxe Cleaners provides a complete furrier service including fur storage, cleaning and glazing, monogramming, and repairs. 





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