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Summer Wardrobe Storage Tips

Sort through summer wardrobe:  If you didn’t wear it, donate it!  Do not hold on to garments that you never intend to wear again. 


Wash or dry clean all clothing before storing:  Insects are attracted to the stains on your garments such as   perspiration, perfume, body oils and food oils, not the fabric itself!  Therefore, when cleaning your garments avoid using chlorine bleach (unless thoroughly rinsed), starch, sizing, or fabric softeners with scents.


Always store garments in a clean, dry, dark, and cool environmentUse a breathable container, a storage closet, etc..   Do not store your garments in a wet, damp or moist environment.  Moisture is a breeding ground for insects and mold.


If you are lucky enough to have ample closet space, allow garments to hang freely on well-shaped hangers: However, remember to clean all garments first!


Fold over fine woven lightweight garments:  A hanger may distort the shape of your garment over time.   Carefully fold over these articles to prevent wrinkles.  Always store in a cool, dry, environment.  For even greater protection, especially white articles, fold and place inside a cotton pillow case to allow the garments to breathe while keeping out the light.   

Keep all acetate and/or rayon garments out of direct light, sunlight or artificial light to prevent fading and permanent fume fading:  Indirect or direct light may eventually cause fading on clothing made with synthetic fabrics such as acetate or rayon.  Note:  Many evening gowns and fancy dresses are made with these synthetic fabrics.

Never store your garments in plastic poly bags or nylon bags:  Plastic can trap moisture and cause mildew to form and/or cause fabrics to yellow.  Cotton garment bags or an old cotton sheet placed over your garments will provide greater storage protection and allow for air circulation.  

If you choose to use moth balls or moth crystals, do not allow them to touch your garments: Always place these items on the top of your storage unit allowing the fumes to filter downward.  Note:  Mothballs & moth crystals are very difficult odors to remove from garments and may even be toxic.   A better alternative are cedar chips or lavender blocks.  They smell nice and will still ward off insects.

When storing your spring/summer shoes/sandals/sneakers/flip-flops, etc., be sure to wipe off excess dirt and smudges:  To maintain the shape of your shoes and sandals, use a shoe form when possible. For great ideas on how to clean your flip flops and sneakers, go to “You Tube” for some great ideas using products you probably have at home.  

Remember, if you don’t have enough closet space; consider our free seasonal storage facility:  We will clean all garments, store them in our airtight, temperature-controlled vault and then have them freshly pressed and ready-to-wear in the spring.







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