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The Shirt Process

Our Platinum Shirt Detergent: The exclusive Platinum shirt detergent that we use guarantees that your shirts will last anywhere from 30-40% longer.  This detergent was formulated to work at lower water temperatures to reduce shrinkage, and it has no harsh bleaches,which eliminates graying and fraying.  In addition, only soft water is used throughout our laundry service.  As a result, your cottons and cotton blend shirts will look like new wash after wash.

Care Labels: To determine whether a shirt can be commercially laundered and finished, we must first determine the make-up of the shirt and find the recommended care instruction.  Most shirts that are sold in department stores that are folded can generally be commercially cleaned and finished.  Other style shirts may require less heat & hand-cleaning and can be processed by our Premier Laundry Shirt Service.

Our Cleaning Process: Each shirt is categorized by color, washing temperatures, and starch request.  The shirts are then placed in our state-of-the-art computerized washers, which are designed to meet the needs of the specific shirt being washed.

Starch or No Starch Request: Our shirt service offers you the option of no starch, heavy starch, medium starch, or light starch.  Once you request your preference, our computerized system retains your starch request every time!

The Finishing Process: Our state of the art finishing equipment is designed to produce a crisp and professionally finished shirt.  To ensure a properly finished shirt, we must press your shirts while they are still damp.  Here are the steps to finishing a shirt:

  • The first step is placing the sleeves onto a “sleever.”  This machine will allow both sleeves to be pressed at the same time.
  • Next, the collars and cuffs are carefully pressed simultaneously on a “collar and cuff “ machine.
  • Then, the body of the shirt is strategically placed on a body form called a “buck press.”  The temperature of this machine is over 350 degrees.
  • Finally, the shirt is removed from the body form and the collar is carefully rolled and placed on a “collar heater” to set the collar in place so that the collar is perfectly lined up with the back collar seam.
  • This type of finishing process allows us to finish approximately 85 shirts per hour.
The Inspection Process: Each shirt is then inspected for cracked or missing buttons, remaining stains, or touch-ups necessary to complete the final process.  The shirt is then ready for assembly and packaging.

Shirt Packaging Options:  Our shirt laundry service offers two options.  You can have your shirts returned on a hanger or folded and boxed.  The choice is yours!

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