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Wedding Gown Procedure

The Cleaning & Finishing Procedure:

  • Our wedding gown seamstress first inspects your wedding gown. She will check for loose beading, open seams, missing bustle loops, hooks, buttons, etc.   At this point, she will repair anything necessary before the cleaning process.
  • Our spotting technicians will then examine your gown for stains, serviceability, and overall condition.  It is then determined which method of cleaning is best for your gown.
  • All stains are pretreated using the finest stain removal products for specific stains like coffee, wine, cake, tea, grease, sugar stains, alcohol, etc.
  • Your gown is then hand-cleaned by using either a wet cleaning method or dry cleaning method, depending on what process is best suited for your wedding gown. 
  • After a thorough cleaning and examination by our spotting technicians, your wedding gown is presented to our hand-finishing department.   Our hand-finishing specialist handles the finest fabrics in the world, including silk, crepe silk, satin, taffeta damask, brocade, and more.   Every drape and roll the designer intended for your gown is pressed and steamed to perfection!
  • Your wedding gown is now ready for the preservation process.

    The Preservation Procedure: Our traditional boxing and preservation method dates back 80 years.  Our archival quality chest allows your wedding gown and accessories to constantly breathe, because there is no sealing of the box.  This process uses the finest ph-neutral boxes and acid-free products available in the market today.   This chest will protect against household fumes, dust, light, pests, pollutants, mold, and mildew.

    Storage Procedure: One of the most important facets of the preservation process is where you store your preserved wedding gown.  It is vital that you store your heirloom package in a cool, dry, dark, environment.  Never store your wedding gown in a basement or attic, due to climate changes.  Temperature changes and humidity can result in the yellowing of your gown.  Our preservation experts strongly suggest that the chest be placed under a bed, standing up in a closet, on a closet shelf, in a dry, dark cupboard, or on a level floor in your home.  Again, never store your wedding gown in the attic or basement of your home, due to temperature and humidity changes.


Viewing Your Gown: We recommend that you periodically view your gown every three to five years. If you need assistance, just call our wedding gown department and we will guide you every step of the way.

Additional Preservation Services:  In addition to wedding gown preservation, DeLuxe specializes in the preservation of Christening Outfits, Communion Outfits, Mother-of-the-Bride dresses, fancy evening dresses, and so on.

Restoration: Restoration is a complicated procedure that takes years and years of experience.  Our staff of restoration experts has had great success with turning the most yellowed gowns back to their original color.

Nationwide Service Available:   If you would like to take advantage of our Wedding Gown Preservation Services, please contact us at (800) 779-1105.





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